12th Gen Intel

Intel, VEGAS, and Razer Harmonize with the Brooklyn Orchestra

Discover why VEGAS Post 365 and a Razer Blade PC, powered by a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, is an ideal solution for post-production on the go.

An Arrangement of Music and Technology

Watch how Olivier Glissant and the Brooklyn Orchestra perform and record their magnificent concerts using VEGAS Post 365 and Sequoia creative software on a Razer Blade PC, powered by an 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor.

Using Creative Technology to Share Music With the World

Meet Olivier Glissant, composer, conductor, producer, and founder of Blacksalt Records. Hear firsthand how Olivier uses Sequoia for professional audio production on an Intel-powered Razer PC. Using this combined technology, Olivier can bring the beautiful music performed by the Brooklyn Orchestra online and available to all.

A Filmmaker Goes Back to His Roots with VEGAS Pro

Check out how Sean Hardaway, accomplished filmmaker, helped Olivier Glissant film and easily edit a professional video of the Brooklyn Orchestra using VEGAS Post 365 on an Intel-powered Razer Blade PC. Watch how Sean combined the advanced creative software and the high performance hardware to achieve a streamlined video editing experience.

Create More,Faster with AI Automation

Professional video editing can be extremely time-consuming while most projects are highly time-sensitive. Wouldn't it be nice to automate some of those more tedious editing tasks? Find out how the latest version of VEGAS Pro with AI technology and 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors aid artists in tackling high demand, data-intensive operations.

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Your Full Video and AudioProduction Stack

Experience full control over your projects with VEGAS Post 365, which gives you everything you need for video editing, motion graphics, image composition, live streaming, and sound design. Whatever mood or emotions your project calls for, VEGAS Post 365 has you covered with advanced creative software for every occasion.

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Push the Boundaries of
Creative Storytelling with a
Razer Blade

Elevate your creativity with a #MadeWithBlade laptop and professional creative software. Get access to VEGAS Post 365 with a qualifying 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Razer Blade purchase.

Redeem offer by July 31, 2022

12th Gen Intel

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