Take your work on the road with
Intel, Sequoia, VEGAS, and Razer

Discover how VEGAS Pro, Sequoia Pro, and a Razer Blade 18, powered by a 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processor, lets you bring your edit bay along, wherever your work takes you.

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Technology fit for the masters

Watch how Nicolas De Porcel masters Grammy award-winning songs with surgeon-like precision using Sequoia Pro on the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processor-based Razer Blade.


In the studio. On location. Same great experience.

See how film director MacGregor uses his Intel-powered Razer Blade 18 and VEGAS Pro to review and edit footage from A Thousand Suns, working seamlessly wherever the shoot takes him.

VEGAS Pro puts Advanced AI in the hands of filmmakers.

Colorize monochrome images, upscale low-res footage and replicate the styles of master painters with VEGAS Pro built-in dynamic effects. Paired with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, filmmakers can harness the power of VEGAS Pro faster than ever wherever you are. Automate audio mixes with full control over volume, panning, bussing, audio effects and more.

Sequoia Pro is your all-in-one audio production suite.

Professionals all across the world value Sequoia’s reliability, smooth processing, and novel editing tools – whether in studio, broadcast or live environments. Its scalable, adaptable network and hardware integration is relied on by all of our partners, which include some of the most well-known audio engineers and broadcasters.

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Razer Blade 18

Push the boundaries of your creativity with the
Razer Blade 18

With desktop performance in a laptop design, the Razer Blade 18 doesn’t ask you to wait to be creative until you get back home. Graphics up to an NVIDIA® GeForce™ RTX 4090, the latest Intel® 13th Gen Core™ i9 processors and a stunning 18-inch display means you’re ready to make video and audio magic, wherever you go.

Stay inspired anytime, anywhere with the
Razer Blade 16

Experience stunning performance and ultra-portability with the Razer Blade 16. Its dual-mode mini-LED display, a world-first, lets you view your footage in either UHD+ 120 Hz or FHD+ 240 Hz native resolutions.

Razer Blade 18
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