Intel continues to innovate at Autodesk University.

Intel's deep collaboration with Autodesk is on display at Autodesk University, bringing the industry leaders to show how Intel & Autodesk help get the job done — easier, faster and smarter.

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Meet the presenters

Watch some of the top creatives in the industry demonstrate how Intel and Autodesk help with their creations using Intel-powered systems.

John Pierson

Intel and Autodesk Provide High Performance and Mobility

John Pierson, a Design Technology Specialist for Parallax Team, trusts the Intel 12th gen processors to power his content creation through Autodesk. Find out how this technology combination enables him to create e-learning content from anywhere while multitasking.

Jarod Shultz

Bringing Technical Innovation to the Construction Space

See how Jarod Shultz, Director of Strategy for Industrial Construction at Team D3, uses the power of Intel 12 gen processors and the advanced capabilities of Autodesk to help the construction space take more of a manufacturing mindset.

Jeff Smith

Learn How to Make the Most of Your Intel and Autodesk Experience

Join Neil Cross for two informative sessions at Autodesk University. First, watch his live demonstration of Dynamo 2.13 and find out what considerations you need to make when updating. Then, catch a lunch-and-learn style session discussing all of the different hardware requirements of a Revit plugin author.

Check Out the Hardware These Expert Creators Trust

Browse these made-to-create PCs, built with 12th gen Intel processors to pair your creativity with efficiency and unleash imagination.

Dell Precision 7770 Workstation

Dell Precision 7770 Workstation

Create without limits behind an ultra-scalable mobile workstation.

HP Z2 Mini Workstation

HP Z2 Mini Workstation

Experience high-performance packed into an insanely petite PC.

Lenovo Thinkpad P16 Hero Mobile Work Station

Lenovo Thinkpad P16 Hero Mobile Work Station

Get power and performance to create on-the-go, wherever you go.

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