Elevate Your Creativity

Intel Create Ambassadors

In the studio. On location. Same great experience with MacGregor


Technology fit for the masters with Nicolas De Porcel

Nicolas De Porcel

CGI Realism Unleashed: Redefining Boundaries with Juraj Talcik

Juraj Talcik

Powering Professional Compute Demands with Fabio Sciedlarczyk

Fabio Sciedlarczyk

Powering Professional Compute Demands with Arvid Schneider

Arvid Schneider

Game Development with Stefan Ivanov

Stefan Ivanov

Go Behind the Scenes with Larry Chen

Larry Chen

Intel and Autodesk Provide High Performance and Mobility

John Pierson

Bringing Technical Innovation to the Construction Space

Jarod Schultz

Creating Art with Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson

Intel Empowers Creators with Volume Rendering + Pixar RenderMan

Fabio Sciedlarczyk

Filmmaking: Anton Lorimer with Adobe Premiere Pro and Intel Evo

Anton Lorimer

3D Character Modeling Workflow Walkthrough with AutoDesk

Kris Kelly

A Reflection on 3D Creation, Technology, and the Role of Intel

David Stenbeck

Photo Editing and Composites Creation Process Tutorial

Olivio Sarikas

3D Experience Demo: Eflow Air Filter Concept with Dassault

Tony Parez-Edo Martin

Video Creation Workflow: Fast Pace Creation and Community Management

Gael Level

A Filmmaker Goes Back to His Roots with VEGAS Pro

Sean Hardaway

Using Creative Technology to Share Music With the World

Olivier Glissant

Videography with Vegas Post

Jake Powley

The Real Power of Efficiency with Evan Abrams

Evan Abrams

Concept to Completion

Gustaf Fjelstrom

Turn Concept into Amazing Visuals with 3ds Max

Hussain Almossawi

3D Product Design Workflow with AutoCAD

Neil Cross

Hacking Reality with Hussain Almossawi

Hussain Almossawi

Autodesk on Intel-based Laptop

Neil Cross

Chaos Corona 3D Workflow Walkthrough Using Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit

Juraj Talcik

Toon Shader

Stefan Ivanov

Social Media Content Creation with Vegas Pro

Laci Kobulsky

Landscape Photographer’s On-the-Road Process

Albert Dross

3D Animation Breaking from the Desktop

Can Erduman

Enhancing the 3D Creation Workflow with Boxx

Stefan Daniel Voigt

Projection Mapping Restores Buildings and Neon Signs

Craig Winslow

Discover the Workflow Behind XR Realtime Graphics

Takuma Nakata

DxO PhotoLab 4 Holds the Keys to Your Creativity

Solli Kanani

Augmented Architectural Presentation with 3DS Max


Being a Gifted Drummer and Storyteller

Cobus Potgieter

The Workflow of Photorealistic Interior Animation

Marc Potocnik

Intel x Adobe: 11th Gen Intel Core with Jason Levine

Jason Levine

Film Director’s Creative Process: One Minute Worlds

MacGregor (Miguel de Olaso)

360 Travel Adventure: Behind the Scenes

Faith Granger